Designing jewellery is my passion…

Welcome to the realm of gems, pearls and precious metals.

Here I present jewellery, which I have created in Germany, Southern France and South Africa. My designs, materials and stones were inspired by many different impressions, people, cultures and landscapes.

In my work precious metals, gemstones and freshwater pearls are artfully staged. Special characteristics of my jewellery are the material strength and the application of several surface techniques on one piece of jewellery as well as the precise craftsmanship. My jewellery stands for its design and captivates by its high-quality appeal. The owner is always accompanied by the feeling of wearing something special: an exclusive piece of jewellery with high value, character, individuality and beauty.



FRANCE Alpes Maritimes – Nice – Carros Village


Since a number of years, we have been spending our summers in France – and life is wonderful and easy in the hills behind Nice – no need to wear pink glasses …

Carros Village – our Eagles Nest – offers phenomenal views from snow covered alpine peaks down the valley of the Var river towards the Mediterranean sea. Carros Village is a small medieval town, where you find our favourite restaurants in houses built from natural rocks a few hundred years ago. The town is surrounded by wild nature and the scent of herbs, orange and lemon flowers is everywhere.

This enchanting landscape, its renown colours, flowers, trees and rocks serve as a constant inspiration, not only for me, but also for many other artists and creative people who live and lived in the area.

The photos may give you an impression of what I tried to say in words: wonderful South of France.
Likewise there should be photos of those people, who welcomed us in Nice and in our tiny village Carros years ago without reservations: our neighbours, the owners of the little grocery shop and the restaurants nearby and many other great people around us….. I can’t name them all – some we may call friends today.

Thanks to all of you!


– You may call it the most beautiful end of the world…

From 1991 to 1999 South Africa was our homeland. My husband and I lived with our two daughters Maxine and Isabel in Midrand, respectively in Bryanston, close to Johannesburg. In 2015 we returned to South Africa and we have been living in Cape Town since then.

I want to give you some insights into my life in Cape Town, its beaches, mountains, seas and skies, its flowers and trees with their specific colours and shapes – the enchanting landscape that has again and again inspired my jewellery.

There should also be photos of the many wonderful people we met here, people who welcomed us in South Africa with their typical kindness and openness…

Thanks to all, who see difference and diversity as an opportunity.


Taster Workshop in Nice – Carros Village

“Jewellery Making is closely linked with attributes like „creativity, value, precission, art“.

Have a look into my workshop flyer. Here!


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Martina Notstain